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Hunting Blind

Art Gallery of Alberta / City of Edmonton Terrace

Robin Arseneault & Paul Jackson


All images courtesy of M.N. Hutchinson


Hunting Blind is a collaborative work between Robin Arseneault and Paul Jackson. They were commissioned by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Art Gallery of Alberta (AGA) to create a new work for the AGA’s City of Edmonton Terrace. Hunting Blind is comprised of three sculptural elements: a tower, perches and five reflective shields. Using the terrace as a stage and the art works as props, Arseneault and Jackson have created an active space of interaction between these objects and AGA visitors, engaging them in the construction of the work’s narrative. The title refers to the shelter used by hunters to conceal themselves, but can also be interpreted more actively, as ‘hunting while being blind’, and addresses futility and isolation, the quest for success and the possibility of heroic failure.

For a review of this work, please see Nancy Tousley’s article

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